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How Innablr made regulatory compliance easier for a global gaming giant

This Australia-based client is one of the world’s largest publicly listed wagering and gaming organisations. They offer subscription television, gaming and wagering, and drive fully integrated solutions that create passion and excitement in their millions of customers around the world.

Their problem

As part of their ‘cloud first’ strategy, our client had already chosen AWS to host their cloud platforms. But choosing a server and complying with all regulatory requirements are two very different propositions. The gaming and gambling industry is very strictly regulated, and our client needed a technology specialist who could ensure their cloud architecture, design and implementation met the numerous applicable security, auditing and stability requirements imposed by that regulation. They chose Innablr for this project because we have vast experience in the gaming and gambling industry. We also have the expertise to help with everything from solution design to delivery. But what they liked most about us was our focus on collaboration and making the decision process easier.

Our solution

First, we analysed the solution being deployed to AWS. We found that it needed improvements to meet the requirements, such as improved access control, security reviewing/control and deployment control. Based on this analysis and everything we already knew the client wanted, we then offered a range of possible solutions that would meet their regulatory compliance requirements. We provided pros and cons for every option, so they could make their choice feeling informed and certain. Once the client had chosen their preferred solution, we worked together closely. We went through their architectural approval processes and working group processes to identify ways to meet the requirements. We also made sure that the solution was something that all their stakeholders (including security, operations and development) were able to work within. Once the solution was in place, we went to work on remodelling the application and infrastructure deployment using the best AWS services, including Cloudformation, Code Pipelines, Config and Inspector. All with full automation, so we were able to minimise the friction of deploying the application services to the regulated AWS environment.

The outcome

With their Innablr solution in place, the client is in a great position to take the AWS-regulated pattern and repeat it across additional applications and services. In fact, they’ve already begun doing this. Another benefit of our solution is that they’re also able to build modern application architectures using various fantastic AWS services, such as RDS, DynamoDB and EKS. So now they can innovate faster and more efficiently, completely confident in the knowledge that their IT infrastructure is fully compliant.


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