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Education Horizons AWS Cloud Migration - SEQTA

Case study - SEQTA to AWS

Education Horizons provide solutions that enhance schools with educational technology solutions for all grade levels. As the world’s leading EdTech provider, with over 40 years of experience, Education Horizons offer a range of premium school software solutions that help improve school performance.

Business Challenges

Education Horizons offer some of the solutions as ‘on-premise’ installations within Schools. This means that providing a high level of support can be difficult. For example, assisting schools with hardware that is local to the school can be a challenge. It can be difficult to access and challenging to diagnose issues. Hence the business took the decision to move as many schools as possible to a cloud based solution on AWS. They want to utilise the best practices and follow ‘SaaS’ model of uniform deployments, therefore lowering the overall effort to manage each schools.

The client also chose to leverage DORA metrics to give them the capability to measure and improve the efficiency of software development and delivery, leading to faster and more reliable product releases and increased end customer satisfaction.


Innablr delivered end-to-end services, including architecture, design, analysis, and documentation of the migration process. The result was a streamlined deployment process, requiring a smaller team and reducing deployment time from hours to minutes.

The modernisation provided faster software updates and improved stability of service to all migrated schools, enabling Education Horizon’s DORA metrics to be significantly improved.

An AWS Well-Architected Review ensured that Education Horizons' security, performance, sustainability, availability, operations, and cost requirements were met.

Download the full case study below

Innablr Case Study - SEQTA
Download PDF • 2.17MB


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