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Innablr CI/CD Tooling Solution

Case Study - Mario - platform-independent, centrally managed, secure-by-design CI/CD pipeline tooling

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Organisations across Australia are adopting cloud, along with the right tooling, to meet the ever increasing demand and outperforming their competition in terms of delivering features to their customers. Mario looks to unify CI/CD tooling to provide teams with low-effort, consistent and secure build and deploy experience.


The mission of Platform Engineering is to enable engineering teams to deliver value quickly and reliably. Pipeline tooling is an often-overlooked component of the delivery process.

In an organisation, teams sometimes (not always) agree on the CI/CD platform, and this is as far as it goes. Teams rarely standardise their pipelines and end up building them ad-hoc, which leads to:


  1. Fragmentation

  2. Vendor lock-in on CI/CD platform

  3. Burden on developers

  4. Repetition

  5. Long builds

  6. Lack of security

  7. Authentication to cloud becomes tedious

CI/CD Toolset

We identified a demand for a CI/CD toolset, that:

  • Ensures simple, quick and secure builds

  • Offers easy-to-use patterns for most common build and deploy scenarios

  • Automates trivial tasks (like cloud provider authentication)

  • Is well-documented and easy to use

  • Not bound to a particular CI/CD platform

  • Is versatile and extensible

Every CI/CD platform allows using docker images as runners, which allowed a design, where on top of the base docker image, with just the basic automation, we build a set of “flavours”, each one solves for a specific scenario (or a group of scenarios), like below:

Use Case

Our client is a mid-sized software development house, specialising in automation and management in education. For the last year and a half, they have been focusing on rolling out a modern microservices based SaaS solution, however, management saw an opportunity to accelerate delivery, and brought in Innablr to do a DORA assessment of the delivery process, which highlighted:

  • Overly long builds

  • Low level of standardisation of the CI/CD pipelines

  • No unit or integration testing patterns in the pipelines

  • No contract testing

  • No supply chain security gates in the pipelines

  • Authentication to AWS using long-lived credentials


Mario is a set of docker images (or “flavours”, like mario-typescript, mario-node, mario-terraform and others) built on top of mario-base. These images are used as build agents in the steps of CI/CD pipelines. They offer as an easy-to-use scenario language and build targets for the most common patterns of building and deploying the application components, as well as security and quality assurance tooling. Each flavour includes the specific toolchain and build targets for its technology.

The delivery teams now have a solution that:

  1. Reduces complexity of the CI/CD pipelines

  2. Reduces pipeline execution times

  3. Implements quality and security gates

  4. Automates trivial tasks

  5. Standardises pipelines across the board

  6. Unties the pipeline logic from the CI/CD platform



Pipeline Execution

More than 4x reduction in pipeline execution times, all-through automation, and increased team velocity

Deploy quality code with confidence

Embedded quality and security gates minimise deployments risks and raise overall solution quality

Download the full case study below
Mario CICD Tooling
Download PDF • 379KB


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